Making Good Things Together 2017

Welcome to the Bell Tower Community Café!

We're fighting hunger by making good things together.

We believe that food security in Winnipeg starts around a common table and a shared meal. Since we have opened our doors in November 2013, we have served over 10,000 meals. Food has the ability to bring people together in powerful ways. It builds connections between people, stirs our imagination, reveals common ground, and helps us realize that everyone has something to offer.

Every second Friday, the Bell Tower Community Café meets to celebrate goodness, kindness, and community. The Bell Tower is more than a food bank; we are a community café experience, with live music, nutritious food and great coffee and tea. Around 200 people from all walks of life--from West Broadway, Wolseley, and across Winnipeg--come through the doors and enjoy good food, good drinks, and good music together. Over 100 households get food hampers to help them through the week. The opportunity to make good things together provides the fuel, flavor and soul so needed within our neighbourhoods. As we witness the progression and expansion of Bell Tower, we see community members of many different walks of life sharing in the opportunities of friendship.

Bell Tower enables moments of humanity: a child singing for friends new and old, hearing their laughter and cheers of joy; a cook serving food to others and seeing faces light up; or a gardener sharing the fruits of their labour, watching other grow inspired to plant their own seeds next year. These moments allow us to transcend labels – cleaners, servers, cooks, helpers, or helped – and form new identities as friends. We move beyond social structures in the pursuit of those moments of joy that bring us together.

To learn more, check out a video from our previous fundraising campaign here.

How can you help?

We need your help as we look ahead to fund the Bell Tower Community Café for our fourth year. Our annual budget is $22,000, which supplies our compostable cups, bowls, plates, spoons, napkins, bags, and supplies and provides an honorarium for our two coordinators, Rorie McLeod Arnould and Meaghan Pauls, who recruit and orient volunteers, organize the distribution of food hampers, plan the logistics of serving a meal each café night and develop the future of the Bell Tower. We're hoping to raise $15,000 of our budget through CauseVox.

There are three ways you can support the Bell Tower Community Café:

VISIT: we always extend an open invitation for you to come down on Friday nights (6:30-8:00PM, bi-weekly), enjoy a meal and experience the Bell Tower community for yourself.

VOLUNTEER: we are a growing café and are always in need of more volunteers who are able to give their time.

DONATE: your financial contributions to our CauseVox campaign support the abundant community that is making good things together at the Bell Tower Community Café. We have some wonderful thank you gifts for you, including a custom print created by Sarah Tonin for the Bell Tower Community Café.

Thank you! You contributions make it possible for people from all walks of life to keep making good things together!

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